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The Canada ELD Educational Enforcement Period

Transport Canada Minister, Omar Alghabra, recently announced a 12-month ELD Educational Enforcement in Canada. In this webinar, Marc Moncion, will explain what this means for you and your fleet.

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Basics of HOS

Back to the Basics of HOS

In this webinar, we go over the Hours of Service (HOS) and cover the fundamentals that you and your team need to know to stay safe and compliant.

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How to Optimize your Business with ELDs

How to Optimize your Business with ELDs

In this webinar, Bert Goo, VP Sales & Partnerships at FleetOps, will join Marc Moncion for a conversation about how to use a SMART Digital Load Board to optimize your business.

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Top 5 Benefits of Using ELDs in Canada

Enough chatter about legislation and regulations. Being compliant isn't the only benefit to using ELD software. Learn how you and your business can benefit from the ELD mandate.

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BigRoad Webinar for Drivers

Training video discussing the BigRoad Mobile App & Driver Workflows.

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Understanding the ELD Rules for Canada

This webinar, lead by our in-house expert, Marc Moncion, will get you up to speed on everything you need to know about the impact of this ELD rule on fleets moving people and goods in Canada.

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Comprendre la réglementation sur la DCE appliquée au Canada

Regardez ce webinar pour apprendre tout-ce qu'il faut savoir par rapport a les DCE appliquée au Canada.


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How to Ensure a Smooth Canada ELD Transition

Ensure a smooth ELD Transition from the corporate office to middle Managers, Front Office Supervisors and Dispatchers, right to the professional Truck Drivers moving your passengers or freight.

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BigRoad Webinar for Admins

Training video discussing Security Profiles, User Accounts, Assets, Resources, and more.

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Disclaimer: Our webinars are provided for information and educational purposes only, and do not constitute legal or professional advice.