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See and book the best loads quickly with digital freight matching personalized for your business. With shipments from brokers, shippers, 3PLs and other load boards, BigRoad Freight exists to keep your trucks booked, increase your total earnings and cut down on empty miles. In the past year, we have brokered hundreds of thousands of loads worth millions for our customers..

Take Advantage Of:

  • The Free BigRoad Freight app
  • My Loads - A personalized load board customized for your business
  • Search - Search thousands of loads 24/7
  • Request A Load - Tell us when and where you will next need a load and we'll do the searching for you
  • Dedicated support from our team of freight specialists


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Track Hauls While You Find Backhauls

We identify opportunities based on your fleets requirements

  • We will identify loads nearby and work proactively to find them for your drivers

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Fleet Mode 2


You have a few options

  • Clicking Like tells the broker that you're interested in the load.
  • We'll inform the broker so you can continue working and wait for their call.

Send loads to your drivers, one by one, then track their confirmation

  • Send shipments without sending prices
  • Get a confirmation without a call
  • Manage all your operations in one place

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