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BigRoad Web App

Optimize Your Fleet with BigRoad

BigRoad Web App

Maximize Efficiencies

Reduce time spent on administrative tasks, instantly identify potential violations, and proactively manage your drivers.

  • Real-time driver, location, and traffic info
  • Stop worrying about roadside inspections
  • Create accurate reports in a few clicks

Real-Time Visibility

Get the information you need to make critical business decisions instantly. 

  • Easily locate drivers and see route history
  • Provide real-time advice to drivers using current traffic conditions
  • Know how much drive time each driver has available at a glance
Real-Time Visibility

Support Drivers

Support Drivers Who Need It

The Roadside Risk Dashboard enables you to proactively manage violations before they’re caught during an inspection.

  • Stay up-to-date on compliance across your fleet or focus on individual drivers
  • Eliminate roadside risks, protect safety score
  • Identify drivers who need support and coaching to stay compliant

Accurate, Convenient Reporting

Automated data collection eliminates the burden of gathering information from drivers. 

  • Automatically capture vehicle state and province mileage
  • Organize reports by driver, fleet, and timeframe
  • Simplify the collection of fuel tax details