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It PAYS to Have Friends

$75 Each to Be Exact!

Refer a trucker to BigRoad and earn a $75 reward* when they buy a DashLink ELD! We'll even give your friend a $25 reward*! 


Start Making Money Now
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How It Works

Earning Money Has Never Been So Easy

The more truckers you refer, the more rewards you earn! Follow the steps below to start making money now.



Step 1: Join the Referral Program

Register to participate in the program! You’ll be given a unique URL referral code that you can easily share with your trucker friends. You can post it on your social media channels, send it over by email or text, post it to your blog, etc.

Step 2: Your Friend Buys a DashLink

Using your referral code, your friend visits our website and purchases a DashLink ELD - it's a simple, affordable, and flexible way for them to achieve electronic logging device (ELD) mandate compliance! 


Step 3: Get Your Reward

You both get paid! Once your friend becomes a BigRoad customer, you'll get a $75 reward and they'll get a $25 reward! Rewards are redeemable for a gift card or prepaid credit card of your choice. There's something for everyone! 

Complete contest terms and conditions can be found here.



Q: Do I need to be a BigRoad customer to refer my friends to the program?
A: Nope! Anyone is eligible to participate in the program as a referrer (the person who tells their friends about BigRoad). 


Q: How can I share my referral code with my trucker friends?
A: So many ways! You can log into the BigRoad Referral Program Portal and send your friends emails with your tracking code. You can also copy and paste your URL referral code onto your social media channels, website, or send it to your friends through text message or email!

Q: Is there a time limit for someone to use my referral code?
A: Once your friend uses your tracking code to sign up for a DashLink, they have 90 days to complete the purchase of a DashLink ELD in order for you to get a referral bonus.

Q: How are rewards paid out?*
A: Your reward is given to you in the form of a Tango Card, which you can redeem for e-gift cards at over 76 retailers as well as digital pre-paid cards! For a full list of what you can get with your reward, check out the Tango Card Rewards Catalog.

Q: Are there a limit to how many rewards I can earn?
A: Nope! As long as each friend is new to BigRoad and part of a different organization than existing BigRoad customers, there is no limit! The more you refer, the more you will earn!

Q: I want to tell my customers about BigRoad and get the $75 bonus - can I do this?
A: Absolutely! If you've got customers who need an electronic logging device - tell them about BigRoad! We'll give you a $75 reward for everyone that signs up.


BigRoad's DashLink ELD is foolproof! It's so easy to use, and because it does everything automatically for me, it makes compliance effortless.

Jim McKay

Safety Manager at Rugged Liner

What Are You Waiting For?

Get started now by registering to particiapte in the BigRoad Referral program! Help your friends become electronic logging device (ELD) mandate compliant with our simple, affordable, and flexible solution.

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