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BigRoad, NexLink team for new electronic driver solution

November 11, 2014

BigRoad, a provider of fleet applications, and NexLink Communications have teamed up for a new mobile solution to help drivers avoid paper-based compliance. NexLink offers wireless devices. The “Open Truck Alliance” will offer the BigRoad app preloaded on all NexLink devices sold under the Alliance.

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BigRoad follows through on e-log with engine connection

November 10, 2014

Technically, what you see above is the CFR 395.15-compliant Automatic On-Board Recording Device BigRoad promised this summer, notes BigRoad COO Terry Frey. The unit is an update beyond BigRoad’s software-only logging and management apps most drivers will be familiar with today.

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BigRoad Welcomes FMCSA Guidance

July 15, 2014

“This is a huge victory for drivers who boldly took the road with our innovative smartphone technology for electronic logs and risked citations because of ambiguous regulations,” said Terry Frey, co-founder and COO of BigRoad. “We salute all those early pioneers.”

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Sylectus Integrates HOS Data From BigRoad

June 27, 2014

Soon after releasing the Sylectus mobile app, BigRoad approached with an opportunity to help fill the void for electronic logging in the Android and iOS mobile environment. BigRoad is a provider of fleet applications for trucking and motorcoach. On Tuesday, June 24, the two companies announced an integration between BigRoad’s smartphone-based hours of service (HOS) logging system and the Sylectus transportation management system (TMS).

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BigRoad plans 395.15 compliant e-log, integrates with Sylectus

June 25, 2014

BigRoad, the well-known smartphone-based logging app and affordable business-management platform, has unveiled new integration capabilities with the Sylectus trucking management software and expedited collaborative trucking-business network.

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App Review: BigRoad Free Mobile App

April 14, 2014

Hate the paperwork that goes along with being a driver? BigRoad Inc. has created an app that allows you concentrate more on the road and less about paperwork.

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