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BigRoad Replaces KeepTruckin as
ELD Compliance Solution for Bemidji Bus Line

Bemidji Bus Line has chosen BigRoad's ELD-ready DashLink as their preferred engine-connected logging solution after KeepTruckin ELD "didn't perform as we expected" according to Bemidji Bus Line.


bigroad-dashlink-300x287.pngBigRoad is pleased to announce that Bemidji Bus
Line has chosen DashLink as their preferred
engine-connected logging solution, replacing the KeepTruckin ELD after “it didn’t perform as we expected” according to Bemidji Bus Line.

As a deluxe motorcoach transportation provider, Bemidji Bus Line strives to provide customers with an exceptional experience. “We need to equip our drivers with an ELD solution that enables them to
do their jobs better and makes their lives easier,” explained Phil Cox, Safety and Compliance Manager at Bemidji Bus Line. “When you’ve got a bus full of passengers, a deadline to hit, and a reputation to maintain, your technology needs to work seamlessly. After considering the options available to us, BigRoad's DashLink clearly stood out as the most reliable and robust offering.”

“BigRoad outperforms the competition on connectivity, usability, and support,” said Jake McGuire, Vice President of Business Development and Marketing at BigRoad. “We’ve built products that make the day-to-day tasks of drivers and fleets easier, not harder. This is why BigRoad continues to be the #1 choice across the industry.”

Bemidji Bus Line decided to make the switch to DashLink just two months into using the KeepTruckin ELD. “We wanted to get ahead of the ELD mandate deadline to give our drivers time to become comfortable with the technology. With BigRoad, we are confident that we will be able to transition to ELDs smoothly,” shared Cox. “In our testing, BigRoad was the easiest to use and the most intuitive.”

“Drivers and fleets love the solutions that BigRoad provides because everything we do and everything we build was developed with their needs in mind. Our commitment to making their lives easier and more productive is our number one priority,” said Terry Frey, CEO and
Co-Founder of BigRoad. “With field upgradable hardware and software, our customers will be fully ELD compliant, well before the mandate deadline.”

About Bemidji Bus Line

Bemidji Bus Line provides deluxe motorcoach transportation to all points in the United States and Canada. Bemidji Bus Line provides clean, comfortable motorcoaches with a focus on service and safety. Bemidji Bus Line also provides contract services for organizations by tailoring long term/short term charter contracts, school bus service, and transit service contracts to meet the needs of their clients. Visit for more information.

About BigRoad

BigRoad provides innovative and easy to use solutions that simplify safety and compliance for thousands of drivers and fleets across North America. BigRoad’s ELD-ready DashLink is the most reliable and affordable solution available to ensure ELD mandate compliance. With over 350,000 downloads, the BigRoad Mobile App is the #1 electronic logging app for drivers on Android and iOS. For fleets, the BigRoad Web App helps maximize operational efficiency with real-time visibility and risk notifications. Over 30,000 fleets have chosen BigRoad as their compliance partner. For more information on how BigRoad can help you get on the path to compliance, visit or call 1-888-305-8777.

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