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September 29, 2021

In early September Lisa and BigRoad asked you what your favourite truck was and why.  All replies were entered into a draw to win 1 of 3 autographed pictures by Lisa Kelly herself!  Well, the results are in!


It was a close race but Kenworth edged out Peterbilt by 3% to win the title of favourite truck at 33%!  Why?  Most said they liked Kenworth for their room, suspension, looks and toughness.

And Finally...

3 Winners - Lisa Kelly Autographed Pictures

Congratulations to:

1.  Ramona Supernault
Favourite Truck:  Freightliner
Why?  "I love the speed and the sexy lines it has.  It was the first truck I ever drove and I fell in love!  Thank you Lisa you are my inspiration !!"

2.  Mike Benning
Favourite Truck: Kenworth
Why?  "I own one!"

3. Sherri Kane
Favourite Truck: Freightliner
Why?  "I learned how to drive a freightshaker so it's my favorite on 18 wheels."