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Your Fleet Management Partner

Whether you’re a small or large fleet, our GPS tracking solutions help reduce costs and maximize productivity for optimal business results - see how our solutions can make your business more successful. 


The Ultimate Bundle

For smart fleets, drivers & teams

Track vehicle location. Optimize activity in the field. Manage engine health.  Automate driver coaching. 

All from one platform.

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Fleet Tracker

An easy-to-use GPS fleet tracking solution that provides visibility and insight over your assets and workforce in real-time. 

Tackle common fleet issues:

  • Monitor driving behavior
  • Prolong your vehicle life
  • Improve driver and vehicle safety 
  • Installation suited to your needs
  • IFTA Tracking Distance Reporting

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Vision is here!

One image worth a thousand words. A reliable video solution for your fleet safety and driver coaching.

With event video capture, you can:

  • Manage your insurance and liability costs
  • Run a more profitable business
  • Coach your fleet drivers to be the best
  • Eliminate not-at-fault claims
  • IFTA Distance Reporting

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Asset Tracker

Ensure your assets are safe, secure, and ready to work.

Tracking for any asset:

  • Transportation equipment
  • Mobile office or storage
  • Unpowered construction or field service equipment
  • Powered construction equipment
  • Refrigerated trailers
  • IFTA Distance Reporting

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Mobile App

There's no better time to Swap & Save!

Looking for a new ELD provider? We're here to make the transition easy.

BigRoad's DashLink ELD is the easiest and most affordable way to create engine-connected logs.

  • Create accurate and reliable driver logs automatically
  • Interchangeable between vehicles and drivers
  • Zero upfront hardware costs

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