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BigRoad Fleet Management

Whether you are a fleet of 1 or 1000, you've got everything you need right at your fingertips

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BigRoad screen shot showing location and traffic on a map

Real-time Hours of Service Availability, Location and Traffic

Instantly have all the information you need to make critical business decisions
  • Easily locate your drivers and see route history
  • Provide real-time routing advice to drivers using current traffic conditions
  • Find out how much driving time each driver in your fleet has left at a glance

Effortless Electronic Driver Logs

Make driver log auditing and archiving easy
  • Easily keep track of duty status changes and locations
  • Editable logbook keeps you in control
  • Electronic signature
  • Archive logs for previous 6 months or longer upon request
  • Save, send, and print driver logs
  • In-cab inspection mode for DOT/MOT officers
BigRoad screen shot showing daily log recap
BigRoad screen shot showing driver's roadside inspection risk

Roadside Inspection Risk Dashboard

Eliminate daily log violations before they are caught by a roadside inspector
  • Find whose logs are most likely to cause an out-of-service or fine
  • Discover which logs and violations are causing problems
  • Stay up-to-date on compliance across your whole fleet, or individual divisions
  • Eliminate roadside inspection risk to protect your CSA score

Vehicle Inspection Reports

Streamline vehicle inspections and maintenance.
  • Keep vehicle inspection reports organized
  • Drivers can create vehicle inspection reports and submit them in seconds
  • Drivers can send photos of damage
BigRoad screen shot showing vehicle inspection report
BigRoad screen shot and phone showing document management and instant messaging

Document Management and Instant Messaging

Improve fleet communication—never lose track of who received what message
  • Drivers can use device camera to capture documents
  • Document mode corrects for poor quality pictures
  • Documents are stored safely on the server within seconds
  • Driver/dispatch communication
  • Instant message between driver and dispatch
  • See when message has been received and read

State Mileage Reporting

Accurate and convenient reporting for both drivers and fleets
  • Using GPS location data and odometer readings from your daily logs, BigRoad calculates vehicle mileage by state and province
  • Easily create reports that show state and provincial mileage for your entire fleet by day, month or quarter
BigRoad screen shot showing mileage on a map

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