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Learn More - BigRoad Webinars

Would you like a little more training about how to handle a violation message? Want to learn more about "off duty status" or do you have questions about what is considered personal conveyance?

We know yard move settings can also be confusing and hard to understand.  Many of our customers ask these very questions and others too! The videos below will walk you through it all.

Webinar:  Everything You Wanted to Know About Trucking During an Emergency Declaration

Fleet Complete's Vice President of Safety, Compliance & Regulatory Affairs, Marc Moncion, answers
questions about the HOS exemption granted by the FMCSA during the COVID-19 outbreak.


BigRoad Webinar for Drivers


1:14    Connecting to a truck
2:34    Correcting off-duty violations
3:39    Navigating the home screen
4:45    Connecting a Dashlane device
6:52    Trailer and shipping information
7:40    Changing duty status
8:44    Completing a DVIR
10:54  Driving duty status
11:38  Taking breaks
12:53  Yard move
14:18  Personal conveyance
15:55  Enabling adverse & emergency driving

19:44    Completing a DOT inspection
23:11    Log views
24:17    Editing logs and managing violations
28:50    Unidentified driving
30:29    Accepting or Rejecting Carrier edits
32:39    Messaging
34:10    Uploading photos and documents
35:20    Location check-in
36:11    Changing driver settings
38:59    Updating driver profile
40:00    Switching trucks
40:32    Team driving (Co-Driver)
42:25    Signing out

BigRoad Webinar for Admins


0:39    ELD Information Packet
2:24    User accounts set up
6:08    Assets set up
8:30    Resources set up
11:04  Administrative settings
15:13  Switching to ELD
24:35  Adverse and emergency driving conditions
27:34  View and edit user profile and roles
33:58  View and edit assets

34:50  Setting up a vehicle as ELD
36:04  Groups set up
36:46  ELD readiness report
41:50  BigRoad reports
46:32  BigRoad Dashboard
48:13  Editing driver daily logs
50:15  Carrier edits
52:38  Reviewing unidentified driving events
54:12  Accessing DVIRs
55:49  Fuel Tracking

Free Webinars Offered

You are always welcome to attend one of our weekly BigRoad training webinars to get up and running quickly! In this webinar we will walk you through how to setup and use the BigRoad Mobile App, Web App, and DashLink ELD.

Date: Every Tues, Wed, Thurs & Fri
Time: Tues & Thurs: 9:30 AM EST ; Wed & Fri: 2:30 PM EST

Audience: All Existing Customers

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Ongoing Free Training 

Just another benefit of BigRoad.  We are here for you!

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