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Phone showing driver log details on BigRoad App

Electronic logging that puts you in control

Creating clean, inspectable, and error-free logs is easy with BigRoad.
  • US and Canadian rule sets supported
  • Special review mode for roadside inspectors
  • Clear availability times help you plan ahead
  • Take advantage of exceptions like US split sleeper rule
Hours of service rules can be really complicated. BigRoad makes it easy by doing all of the calculations for you.

Streamlined vehicle inspection reports

Complete a DVIR in just a few taps.

A perfect companion to logs.

  • Eliminate paperwork
  • US and Canadian rules
  • Supports multiple trucks and trailers
Android phones showing BigRoad app driver log details and inspection reports
Tablet showing the landscape version of BigRoad app map

Convenient launcher and traffic map

One-touch access to the most popular apps for drivers.
  • Map with live traffic info keeps you moving
  • Find truck stops, truck washes, service & maintenance, fuel, and wi‑fi

Location, photo, and document sharing

Eliminate the cost & hassle of faxing.
  • Send payroll, PODs or damage photos anytime
  • Share location, photos, and notes with family and friends
Android phones demonstrating location on a map, and photo and document sharing features on BigRoad App

BigRoad makes life on the road easier

A satisfied BigRoad user with his phone standing by his truck

320,000+ downloads, 26,000+ fleets
Drivers give it 4.7 stars!

I have been driving trucks for just about 30 years. If someone would have told me that I would EVER stop using paper logs, I would have said they are out if their mind. BigRoad Log Book App is the Greatest thing to ever hit the trucking Industry!
Dale D. on November 26, 2015

This app takes all the complication of doing paperwork out of the professional driver's hair, an let's them focus on driving. BigRoad has made my job so much easier, especially when it comes to complying to the law with my log book, and submitting receipts and bills of lading to the company I work for.

Jeremy F. on November 8, 2015

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