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Connect and Comply.  It's that simple.


As the ELD-ready upgrade for the BigRoad mobile app, DashLink is the simplest and most convenient way to produce compliant engine-connected electronic logs.  

Compliant with current US (395.15) and Canadian (SOR-2005 313) regulations, DashLink was purposefully developed to be ELD-ready, providing you with a worry-free path to compliance in just minutes!

Key DashLink features include:

  • Engine-connection automatically creates accurate & reliable electronic hours of service (HOS) driver logs
  • Support for multiple ECM protocols & vehicle diagnostic ports delivers full fleet coverage
  • Safely and securely plugs into vehicle's engine-connection with snap lock mechanism
  • Portable between any driver and any vehicle in your fleet for optimum usability
  • No printer required in your DashLink-equipped vehicles!
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Want to Breeze Through Roadside Inspections?

DashLink simplifies the electronic logging process with engine-connected automation, providing a much more accurate record of driver duty status and vehicle drive time than ever thought possible.

Coupled with BigRoad's best-in-class driver log app, DashLink offers ultimate roadside risk assistance:  

  • Giving your drivers error-free and inspection-ready logs right at the moment of review with law enforcement 
  • Offering peace-of-mind to fleet personnel managing the business back at the home office

Equip Your Fleet for Compliance 

DashLink's quick and effortless install means you can mobilize your fleet for compliance at a moment's notice.  

Portable between any driver or vehicle in your fleet, DashLink can be re-purposed amongst your assets without worry.  Whether your vehicles are leased, rented for the day or fully-owned, DashLink easily responds to your daily business needs.

With the BigRoad mobile app onboard, drivers can move from DashLink equipped vehicles to unequipped vehicles with complete confidence their electronic logs will be continuously compliant. 

BigRoad on all devices with DashLink



Want to Get Rid of Your In-cab Printer?

What fleet or driver doesn't!  DashLink was specifically designed to work in conjunction with the BigRoad mobile app to automatically record driver duty status and drive time - eliminating the need to print logs.

Bluetooth connectivity between the BigRoad mobile app and the DashLink engine-connected device ensures drivers can instantly display their logs to the inspecting officer - or when requested - electronically send logs by email, fax or remote print to law enforcement.

DashLink installation and setup is quick and effortless:

  • Plug DashLink device into your vehicle's diagnostic port (connect to engine)
  • Use BigRoad mobile app to wirelessly connect and configure your vehicle for engine-connected electronic logging use
  • Once notified by the BigRoad mobile app that you are DashLink enabled, you're ready for the road!

Comply for Just Pennies a Day

At only $10/month per DashLink equipped vehicle, BigRoad users don't foot the bill for any hidden or additional hardware costs and get to enjoy the accuracy and reliability of engine-connected compliance.  

That's right - with zero upfront hardware costs and for as little as pennies a day, DashLink is the industry's most affordable solution for your ELD compliant logging needs.

No need to worry about the cost of compliance with DashLink!

Need a worry-free ELD solution?  BigRoad's got your back.

Get started with DashLink engine-connected electronic logs today!

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