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BigRoad has helped thousands of owner-operators and fleets with our simple, affordable, and flexible hours-of-service (HOS) and electronic logging device (ELD) mandate compliance solutions. Read the stories below to learn how or share your story with us.


A Combined ELD Solution
Fleet Name: TransVac LLC
Fleet Type: Large Fleet

TransVac LLC chose Fleet Complete's Fleet Tracker combined with BigRoad's DashLink ELD to achieve ELD compliance and full-scale fleet management abilities.

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Read the Dave Meeker Case Study

Save Time and Money with BigRoad
Fleet Name: Dave Meeker Auto
Fleet Type: Owner-Operator

Even the most resistant drivers were surprised by how easy BigRoad made tracking their hours-of-service and managing compliance.

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graphics - parrotta paving 2

Improve Driver Accountability & Dispatch with Fleet Tracker
Fleet Name: Parrotta Paving
Fleet Type: Service Fleet, Heavy Duty

With over 30 heavy-duty vehicles, Parrotta Paving chose Fleet Complete to help track their mobile resources, provide additional insight into employee driving behavior and manage insurance ratings.

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Read the Rugged Liner Case Study

A Familiar Compliance Solution
Fleet Name: Rugged Liner
Fleet Type: Small Fleet

Rugged Liner found BigRoad to be the most realistic about life on the road - making it the obvious choice for their fleet's compliance needs.

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Read the Bemidji Bus Line Case Study

Flexible and Affordable ELD Compliance
Fleet Name: Bemidji Bus Line
Fleet Type: Passenger Carrier

Bemidji Bus Line experienced numerous issues with another provider. With BigRoad, they achieved ELD and HOS compliance easily.

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Read the Crystal Tours Case Study

Spend Less Time Worrying About Logs
Fleet Name: Crystal Tours
Fleet Type: Passenger Carrier

BigRoad made tracking hours-of-service easy so Crytal Tours could focus on providing their passengers with excellent service.

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Outstanding Customer Service
Fleet Name: Mother Earth Farm Solutions
Fleet Type: Small Fleet

Mother Earth Farm Solutions was looking for an ELD provider that offered outstanding customer service. With BigRoad, they got just that.

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Read the Ror Corps Case Study

Amazing Product and Service
Fleet Type: Owner-Operator

ROR CORPS LLC elimited the burden of paper logs and transitoned to electronic logging devices easily with BigRoad.

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Log Auditing Made Easy
Fleet Name: DC Carriers
Fleet Type: Mid-sized Fleet

DC Carriers needed to streamline hours-of-service compliance and make log auditing easier. BigRoad's DashLink ELD fit the bill!

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