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View Your Loads With Ease

All of your loads can be found on this screen

  • If the posted rate is available, we'll show it to you
  • If no price is shown, the broker will share it when you speak

Click on any load to see more details. You'll see:

  • Pickup and drop-off locations
  • Distance
  • Rate
  • Load details
  • Shipping notes
  • Broker contact info

Once on this page, you have a few options:

  • Clicking Accept means that you'll take this load for the rate posted.
  • We'll inform the broker and they'll call you to confirm and share additional details.
  • Clicking Bid allow you to enter your preferred rate.
  • We'll inform the broker so they can call you to accept or negotiate further.
  • Clicking Like like tells the broker that you're interested in the load.
  • We'll inform the broker so you can continue working and wait for their call.




Click on the map location open a map and see the route between the pickup and drop off locations.

  • Click on Details to return to the load details on the previous page.